Everything You Must Do Your First Time In New York City If You Only Have The Weekend

New York City with it's ever growing neighborhoods, impressive museums, historical sites and limitless restaurants, can never really be seen in one trip. Planning your trip may even seem overwhelming, especially if you just have a few days to see the city. It's amazing though, how much you can actually squeeze in to one weekend in New York if you're willing to not waste any time and hit the pillow exhausted every night. After living...more

My 10 Step Guide To Moving To New York With Nothing (Because You Can)

I moved to New York City four years ago from California with nothing more than a little chunk of change and a (practically) strangers couch to crash on. It had been something I had been talking about doing for my entire life, and I was finally done just talking. I was 26 years old at the time, a college graduate, with nothing exciting happening in my life. My life wasn't bad by any means, but...more

Spending the Day In NYC and Why You Should Be A Tourist In Your Home City Too

Sometimes it's really easy to forget that I live in a city that people from all over the world come to visit. I forget in the middle of my routine of train rides, bar shifts, and dodging tourists on the street, that there is so much to see right here. Occasionally, I brave the crowds (and sometimes snowstorms) to get out of the little bubble I've created in New York City. It's important to be...more