My 10 Step Guide To Moving To New York With Nothing (Because You Can)

I moved to New York City four years ago from California with nothing more than a little chunk of change and a (practically) strangers couch to crash on. It had been something I had been talking about doing for my entire life, and I was finally done just talking. I was 26 years old at the time, a college graduate, with nothing exciting happening in my life. My life wasn't bad by any means, but...more

Budget Advice: How to Save Enough Money to Quit Your Job and Travel

I'm writing this from the back of the bar I work in.  Staring down the row of empty bar stools, wishing I could enjoy the mild February temperatures that have graced New York this week. If you can believe it, I actually wore sandals. Most New Yorkers are out enjoying the weather and not sitting inside a dark bar. So as I sit here thinking about the little amount of money I stand to make today,...more

How I Couchsurfed for Five Months in Order to Budget Travel

We all have a personal bubble, we need space, and we need to know that we have somewhere to seek refuge, to escape from the world and everyone in it when it’s just too much.  The world is big and crowded and claustrophobic. So how do you explain the last 15 weeks I have spent jumping from dorm hostel to couchsurfing host and back again? I can tell you that it’s not easy and yet my lousy...more

Why Having A Good Travel Companion Is Essential

Good travel companions are hard to come by, especially traveling abroad. The stress of planning and budgeting is hard. Pair that with not knowing the language and no consistent internet access, it can be down right exhausting. Add a long time frame and no plan to the equation and it takes a toll on even the strongest of relationships. When it came to choosing my particular travel mate, it was a decision based on pure...more

My First Big Adventure is Booked

Los Angeles to New York, New York to Boston, Boston to Portugal. Plane tickets are purchased, itineraries booked, there’s no turning back now (not that I want to). I am about to embark on my first big backpacking adventure. It started a little less than a year ago (8 months to be more specific). I had what I thought was a crazy idea to sell my things, quit my job, pack a bag and just...more